How do I edit my profile?

If you'd like to change the information that your matches see, navigate to your Profile via the menu located in the top bar.

  1. Click/tap the pencil.
  2. Submit your new text or select the option you wish to choose.
  3. Save

For the fields in which you manually type your response, you will see “In review”. Please allow time for your new entries to be validated and released on your profile.

Some of the profile details are predefined and can be selected from a drop-down menu or by clicking/tapping on the available option. These entries do not need to be validated and will be released on your profile immediately.

If you wish to change your display name, height or age, please contact our Customer Care team.

To change the background image on your profile, click/tap the landscape icon on your current background photo. Select your preferred image and click/tap Save changes.